sit with your soul in the mornings
when she’s groggy and the light is gold
let her yawn and stretch and moan
then hear her whispers 
did you know you’re never alone?
sit with your soul in the mornings 
she may not have much to say
but bits of peace, of light, of love
it’ll make you want to stay
make a new friend, talk for awhile
and be sure to sit with your soul in the mornings.



Seeing through clear eyes I can taste the sky again, through my memories lens and imaginary friends to the age of ten. The world around me is on vibrant color, modern day new aged HD like a movie on a black on screen. 

Everything around me screams “you are home” and their arms are often my safe haven. If you need me you’ll find me wrapped in my favorite pages, drinking in the creative word play of another’s fictional imagination, creating characters on paper who’s flesh becomes as real as mine, and by the end of the day I myself have become so intertwined. 

The beauty of the sun as she sets, the beauty of the sun as she rises, stars in the sky and moon on my skin I can feel the dreams accumulating like clouds before rainfall. Everything that I am lies in the cracks of these painted walls, covered in stories and precious moments that are all about to unfold. 

This moment resides in me and this moment is for you and I. This moment will forever be burned into my mind. 



life means absolutely nothing and everything all at once

and in that i find

comfort in the chaos

if i am nothing & everything

at least i know that i am always enough.

like light and dark, one can’t exist without the other

nothing cannot exist without everything

and everything cannot exist without nothing.

i am absolutely everything, and i am therefore, absolutely nothing. 



i’ve fought tooth and bone for a woman who who could not hold herself up any longer. like a child she curled into me, begging for some peace and some mercy. i held her hand and told her:

it would all be over soon. just hold tightly and the pain will flee from within you. it’s a waiting game, i tell her, patiently. starve it out and i promise you will feel free. free from hurt, from fighting relentlessly. 

warrior woman, your battle has been won, let me take the sword from here. i’ll fight tooth and bone for you, for everything you’ve done, this journey that you’ve led me on and the scars that we have won. 



there is some sort of purification that takes place when i stand under the brilliant rays of the sun, especially when appearing through dense, cotton candy clouds casting a beautiful contrast. the air is lighter and my minds eye opens soulfully. feeling. breathing. being. in this moment i am one with my surrounding environment which i so gloriously reside. knowing how worthy i am of this moment, in grace, i stand alone with my back to the rough brick wall. 

it’s finding magic

in the mundane

that keeps me at peace 



at the edge of a forest
she resides
among god’s painted colors
on leaves and petals
she sings
at the edge of a forest
her safe haven resides 
among the butterflies and whispers
of winds from afar
wisdom in her eyes 
a fearless heart
at the edge of a forest



I often wonder
Where a mind like mine came
This heart of mine
So warm and light
What makes me so kind?
Always willing to love
Always ready to fight
I often wonder
Where my soul has been
How many lives
She has gracefully lived
Sometimes I think
I came up from the earth
Dirt between my toes
Leaves sparkling in mid air
Sometimes I think
I fell from the sky
Stars in my hair
Light made to share
In my chest
Lies a hearth
So those who are cold
May rest in my worth
And when it grows rough
My strength is in touch
I no longer fear
A wide open sea
I no longer fear
Failure or defeat
I will live this life
And you will see
This mind I have
This heart I hold
This soul inside me
Meant to grow
Meant to thrive
Meant to be



When will I see the beauty in me?
In all things broken and all things free
Like leaves in the wind on a brisk autumn day
Dead but still beautiful as they drift away, away…
I wish I saw that beauty in me

The same as that desert sunset always in my dreams
An ethereal glow in the sky, it leaves
It left me breathless, even in my defeat

One day I’ll find it, that beauty in me
It will be in my smile and the way I spread my wings
One day I will see that beauty in me
The same as that desert sunset that brings me ease
A personal paradise inside my own self
With ethereal sunsets and a sense of myself



Lungs are where the soul lives
Among the pulsing powers of life
Most think it lies in the heart
But no, lungs are where the soul lives

They are always saying
To take a deep breath
And count to ten
Because that is where the soul lives.

We breathe to stay alive
Fight to keep going
Even in up hill battles
Heaving, she lives vibrantly.

Swirls of smoke
And a coughing fit
Red and teary eyes
Lungs are where your soul lives.

You wonder why
The deepest of breaths
Stops your shaking hands
Your soul, in your lungs, she lives

Now do you see
What I see?
Deep in your chest
I see where the soul lives.



I feel her in the wind
Standing at the edge
Looking down at my feet

I feel her in the sun
Beating down on my skin
Eyes blue, green, brown, 1-2-3 run

I feel her in the rain
As it washes away the deep pains
From my yesterday
I feel her in the cold
Bitter and frost bitten lips
Hold me, warm me
I feel her in the city
Chaos of cars and people
Loud, unapologetic, unstable

I feel her in the forest
Silence is no longer deafening
Speaking to me: loudly

I feel her in my dreams
Raw and real as can be
Raspy voice saying "bite me"

I feel her in me

Bright hot anger
Love, genuinity, even some peace

I feel her in me
I feel her everywhere
That wild woman, my savior


Cierra Marquez

There are flowers of all sorts

Growing in my lungs

Where weeds had once bred

Their roots are planted firmly

In the chambers of my heart

Among the silk of blood and beating

They grow loudly and they grow proudly

Their petals visible under my skin

Especially under the sun

Light is where they thrive

So that’s all I allow in

After all, I worked so hard on this garden 

So much tending, loving, caring

For myself which I learned to do

Like a baby taking his first steps

I grew and they grew

The scars that cover me

Visible and invisible

Decorated with lush vines

Protected by thorns of red roses

Which reside in my rib cage

Right below the tulips that 

Beautifully infest my chest

And every so often I feel a flower die

So I mourn the loss 

Pain is heavy but the light I allow in

Is so much heavier

Soon it regrows after tending, loving, caring

I worked so hard on this garden

And her flowers of many sorts

Lilies in my womb 

Buttercups in my tummy

Babies breath string 

through my blood vessels quietly

They continue to grow

As everyday more are planted

My mind working like fingers

Watering, tending, singing

Humming to my garden which

I worked so, so hard on

There are flowers of all sorts

Growing within me

Where weeds had once relentlessly bred

How beautiful to see

What was once a barren desert

Turn into a colorful array of pure inner beauty