Featured Healers

This is where we highlight the healers among us. We note how they move, work and seek to spread their healing powers.

Some are artistic, while others use their healing hands. Others include brands that capture the essence of calamity and hope to bring internal peace in some form or fashion.

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Kazani , a luxurious hair and skincare product company, focuses on plant-based ingredients from the Aegean and Mediterranean to help nurture peoples' hair and skin from time-tested formulas dating back 2000 years.

Our scalp is like our skin and we should treat it right. We use natural ingredients to have healthier-looking hair and skin. It is made with an artisanal blend of herbs, flowers and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and other extracts such as Walnut, Almond, Grapeseed and Mustard Seed Oil which fortify thin hair. Rich in antioxidants, it helps to protect the keratin while sealing in moisture to avoid breakage and split ends for thick voluminous hair.

The key to the effectiveness of this product is its proprietary blend of herbs, plants and flowers. An extensive research and development process has led to the selection of the special combination of the types of essential oil in Kazani. 

Our mission here is to share time-tested Aegean and modern processes that help repair, revitalize and help rejuvenate hair and skin for men and women. By bringing traditional formulas to the modern world, Kazani aims to be the bridge from the past to the future. When combined, our goal is to enhance the individual's self-confidence and create sustainability for future generations by donating a part of our proceeds to www.iucn.org.

Kazani is free of Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone and Artificial Dyes. Join us in the ancient haircare revolution. 


Sandy combines her extensive clinical experience and knowledge of Chinese Medicine to apply acupuncture techniques that help people move past blocks and empower themselves through the medicine. By creating a path to self-awareness, Sandy integrates the science, art and wisdom of acupuncture to help people heal in a caring way that her patients describe as "magic." Through this healing practice, she uses her knowledge of the body to help treat a variety of different illnesses, pain and can even address issues with weight loss and addiction. She is also certified in Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture. She provides a whole body healing experience that facilitates health and happiness.


Trauma Recovery Yoga’s mission is to “help people, help people." By bringing workshops and classes to people, T.R.Y. aims to help people heal from trauma and help caregivers of those affected by trauma in facilitating a safe healing process. They bring the T.R.Y. method to communities across the globe with a goal of forming a TRYb of healers and helping to connect them with with the communities and spaces where they are most needed. They use a variety of healing modalities including self-care, mindfulness, and self-regulation to foster healing. By raising the I.Q. of emotional intelligence globally and inspiring compassion, T.R.Y. calls into action, acceptance and empathy, social justice and shared experience without fear of judgment or shame, empowering others while inspiring a more inclusive society.

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As a poet and visionary consultant, Nancy Woo is a true leader in creative healing. When others struggle to find their vision, Nancy comes to the rescue employing her decade of writing and leadership experience to offer personalized support to those who are stuck in a creative bind. Using a four-step process to Clarify, Strategize, Execute, and Innovate, Nancy works with her clients to manifest their dreams, goals and ideas into reality. She is a healer of another kind, helping others find success in doing meaningful work they love.

In addition to her visionary services, Nancy is an accomplished poet and writer. She shares with others her gifts through writing workshops and events that are geared toward helping those seeking to fine tune their own creative practice. In her words: "My mission is to bring more joy and creativity into the world. My vision is to see creativity flourish everywhere."



Nadia Colburn, PhD, is a writer and teacher who is passionate about helping others find their authentic voice to understand their personal stories and narratives through writing. Nadia has several offerings including writing workshops, writing and personal coaching, and yoga. She uses these modalities to help clients move through creative blocks to help them develop a strong vision and voice for their creative selves.

Nadia believes that change is an important component to finding peace within yourself. She says, "Change begins from within, and in order to step into our power, we must first overcome the barriers in our personal work that seemingly lead to unconnected, disillusioned, and disempowered lives." By helping others share their voices and creativity with the world, Nadia helps foster that change through a true, authentic healing process. She works with clients to tap into each piece of themselves: mind, body, and soul, to find the healing power that already exists within. She works with clients to tap into each piece of themselves: mind, body, and soul, to find the healing power that already exists within. Nadia believes this work  facilitates the changes we need both individually and collectively for a healthier, happier, more equitable and sustainable world. 



In addition to being a lover of vibrant foods and herbal teas, Katie Dwaileebe believes that food should be our medicine. Due to bodies not digesting properly, hormones being out of whack, or chronic stress, our bodies may not reap the benefits of a nutritious diet, causing us to feel icky and tired when we should be feeling healthy and energized.

Born from her desire to create dynamic and authentic teas that help heal the body came Wellness To A Tea. Katie is passionate about creating teas that taste damn good and are good for you too. Through her knowledge of the body and her love of finding natural solutions, she explores whole body nutrition as a means of healing. Katie leads those searching for better health on a healing journey that ends with a more blissful mind, body and soul. 



We are a collective of healers, herbalists, and teachers coming together to create safe and sacred space for healing and education to unfold. Our intention is to facilitate and support all in reconnecting to their innate health and well-being through natural remedies, private sessions, group sessions, classes, and events in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our Seattle based Apothecary Offers bulk Ayurvedic and Western Herbs, Tinctures, Teas, Flower + Gemstone Essences, Essential oils, DIY supplies, hand-crafted personal care items, Gemstones + Crystals, Metaphysical tools, Art, and more.

Our private healing sessions include Massage, Energy Healing, Somatic Therapy, Coaching, Astrology, Craniosacral, and Acupuncture.

Our classes and events include Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Baths, Ceremony, Astrology, Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Healing Arts practitioner training programs.

Find us here



"Moon Juice is the resource for plant-sourced alchemy to nourish and elevate body, beauty and consciousness. We celebrate the unadulterated, exquisite flavors and healing force of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts and seaweeds as daily nourishment, beauty tools and high-powered natural remedies. Explore our organic pressed juices, Moon Milks, Cosmic Provisions, the Moon Pantry and our Moon Dust collection. We are a tangible touchstone for a community excited about a new way of living." [1]



Hear It From Me

Gracie Award-winner Sharon Glassman’s work is inspired by the Renaissance novelist Boccaccio. Specifically: Boccaccio's idea that stories well-told can heal the hearts of people suffering from heartbreak, illness and other tragedies.

This “novel novelist” performs and produces books that address serious issues in charmingly original ways. The results have inspired audiences of all faiths to fulfill the wish lists of kids and families in need at holiday time (“Love, Santa” - Grand Central Publishing). Most recently? She’s taken on the topic of invisible illness and loneliness in a charming, mood-boosting novel with songs called Blame it on Hoboken.

Inspired by the tale of Cupid and Psyche, with a touch of Boccaccio’s “heal-through-stories” call to action, Blame it on Hoboken is the story of a brilliant, if slightly abrasive, matchmaker named Jimmy Foss who’s invisible to most of the world. Until, a nerdy, equally brilliant tour guide named Caroline Cates sees – and hires him. Together, this modern odd couple takes readers and listeners into a story that celebrates the positive power of following your dreams - no matter how crazy they seem.

Blame it on Hoboken also touches on the topic of “invisible disability” — a category that includes PTSD (which it diagnosed its author with, successfully), introvert culture – and the power of friendship, love, the arts and music to heal the maladies of our modern age.

Cheered by Broadway producer as “a true delight,” Blame it on Hoboken is available as a Blackstone Audio book featuring award winning songs and a worldwide cast of actors and everyday folks, 14-70. Also (truly novel!) on a bottle of Book Club Wine, as an audio book you can drink in while you sit back and relax with friends. Blame it on Hoboken marks Sharon's biggest step into innovative arts – and healing.

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An Etsy Collection

Jem Hannigan founded her company Unique Creations after she gained a passion for jewelry, specifically chakra jewelry. Her passion came after what she called her "spiritual awakening" in December of 2012, since then she has been creating jewelry and other items that help with chakra healing (or the healing of spiritual power). 

Hannigan believes that chakra crystals can help with spiritual healing, so she incorporates them into her jewelry, "Wearing chakra crystals in your auric field [helps] you not only increase balance and ailment for yourself but also for others that come into your energy field and those that see its beauty," Hannigan said, "I'm happy to see more mindful jewelry is being created these days."

Hannigan says that while chakra jewelry can sometimes be hard to share with a wide audience, there has been progress. "[Chakra jewelry is] ever growing, so I'm happy in expansion."

Hannigan does not stop with just jewelry though, she creates many chakra items to help with chakra healing. Most notably, Hannigan will be eventually selling chakra paintings, chakra wall decorations and possibly chakra clothing. All her items are made in an effort to share love, healing and expand knowledge of her belief in chakra methods.



Grateful Apparel is a company that is nearly a decade in the making, and along with its unique style it also helps benefit its community.

The apparel company has sold tens of thousands of items by incorporating its own grateful style into clothing. “Rivera [the founder] saw the common thread among most brands in the industry and decided to go against the grain,” the companies website states, “Carving a lane, not specific to any genre, but a brand that highlighted gratitude, something every person could support and appreciate.”

The theme of gratitude does not just stop with the clothing though, as some of the profits of the company go to the ‘3Sixty House’ which is non-profit transitional home for those in need.

The style of the work generally blends all the elements (both good and bad) of rock, hip-hop, skate culture and BMX culture. The clothing style though is expanding to fit the constantly changing urban culture we live in.

Ultimately Grateful Apparel takes street styles and applies them in a positive and socially beneficial way. To this day the founder Raymond Rivera insists that the idea of clothing design just struck him while swimming in a friend’s pool. Since then his brand has gone international, has collaborated with artists and helped numerous people at the 3Sixty House.

Check out their clothing and remember to be grateful!

Author: Lucas Rosa



Intimate Healing Crystals

Crystals are a healing force. In our wondrous bodies, we can begin to connect our inner knowledge with our outwardly love for ourselves. NYMPH NYC is a natural product line inspired by the healing power of crystals. Products range from intimate dildos, essential oils, Yoni Eggs and their wand collection. Become in tune with your inner beauty, self and journey...

“NYMPH NYC crystal products allow you to become more in tune with your innermost self. They allow you to remove blockages within your body and chakra system, especially your root chakra—the chakra that is the basis of all other chakras—the foundation of your chakra system. We want you to reignite your natural fire can dull over your lifetime through disconnection. Instead, become your most confident, liberated, and divine self ever. Heal old trauma that you have been carrying around for years. Break free from society’s chains and become the powerhouse you actually are.”

Check out their collections at https://nymphnyc.com/ and begin your self-love journey today.



Purposeful Clothing

Can fashion be used as a tool to make the world a better place? Can clothing heal our injustices? 

The Rushing Hour seems sure that it can be and is determined to make a positive impact.  The clothing brand offers stylish and convenient clothing options for women as well as providing a social good. Each item of clothing purchased helps a girl receive education for at least a month, especially in parts of the world where they are not educated based on their gender. “What I aim for is to pursue a career that makes the world a more equal and happy place,” Founder Jac Ding said on the company’s webpage, “I believe that as a designer, I am responsible for what I use, how I deliver, what I sell.”

Along with their partnership with One Girl in helping young African women get education, the company also carefully pays attention to their fashion and brand. Despite the edgy style of most of the clothing, the clothing is meant to be versatile for women and can be worn in many different settings. The clothing is made to be environmentally friendly as well and wrinkle free.

The company does its best to reinforce positive body image as well by promising to never Photoshop their models. The textiles are also made to last and not end up in landfills. The monochromatic coloring of all the fashion can stand the test of time.

Through its fashion, The Rushing Hour seeks to help educate children, provide convenient durable fashion for women and help the environment while not reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards.  Their vision as stated on their website is simple, “Uplifting humanity through innovation.”

Author: Lucas Rosa



Debra Duneier, President of EcoChi, has been described as a “visionary” and her company is trying to change the way we view our living spaces. The interior design company helps to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly and harmonious indoor living environments, by thinking outside the box and using the 5,000 year old Chinese practices of ‘Feng Shui.’

Feng Shui is the old philosophical practice of organizing living spaces in a harmonizing way, and Duneier (Fung Shui Master) does her best do design spaces this way in order to create feelings of optimism, harmony, abundance and prosperity. 

“As designers we balance the energy [of an indoor environment] by bringing in colors, patterns, shapes, textures and art,” Duneier said.

EcoChi typically goes about setting up different living spaces by dividing the room based on compass readings. Depending on the reading and the team’s sense of modalities, Duneier and her team can best determine what energies are in each part of the room. “ The south [part of a space] just feel different than the north,” Duneier said. “You do more socializing in the south part, the north is a more restful energy; it’s darker.”

The small changes in interior design can have a huge impact as it can lead to a more desired work experience and a more productive happier living space. The designs have had a noticeable impact, especially at Positano restaurant in Connecticut (a spot that EcoChi was hired to design)  where customers report that the environment of the restaurant helps heal headaches and reduces stress.

EcoChi is also LEED certified, meaning that they create designs that are very environmentally responsible and sustainable. Duneier said that her company provides people with a conscious choice to have an impact on health and well-being for people and the planet, but does this without taking people too far down a path of wellness that they aren’t yet ready for.

Ultimately Duneier said she believes that businesses are , “just about ready” to embrace some of these indoor design practices, but that educating people can be challenging. “We are really selling something so unique,” Duneier said, “people need this, but they don’t know they need it. Your life can be changed by what you see and how you’re living.”

Author: Lucas Rosa



"Just Be Yourself"

Those words of wisdom are becoming increasingly hard to live by, especially in a world where the balance between conformity and the desire to be different is hard to maintain. Yet, Simply Immaculate Clothing is doing its part to allow individuality to thrive. The four-year-old company is a clothing and lifestyle brand, selling products that promote being genuine and true to oneself.

The motto of the company is ‘Higher Purpose Livin’ which, according to the company’s owner Joe Ciciarelli, “ties into the lifestyle of living spiritually with a positive mindset and being the change you wish to see in the world.”

Some of the clothing promotes messages about originality as well as creating one’s own reality. Ciciarelli believes that his company can help in opening minds, causing people to embrace originality and ultimately flourish as an individual. “A little quote of mine I like to say is, ‘some people like you, some people don't. Just be yourself, Simply Immaculate.'”

Cicarelli has even grown as an individual since starting the company as being an independent brand owner led to “a lot of trial an error.” Yet, the company’s motto ‘Higher Purpose Livin' has never escaped Cicarelli, as he has made valuable connections with musicians (like Pat App) and continues to promote personal originality through clothing.

Author: Lucas Rosa 



New York City

When people walk into The Path, a meditation space, you’re at The Standard - the Penthouse of their stunning East Village location.  There is an aura of warmed and welcomed bodies that stand before you to welcome you. Other individuals join the meditation and greet you with a warm welcome.  There is a sense of community when you walk through the doors. Cushions are spread about and you mentally begin preparing for an expert-guided meditation.  Dina, ambitious founder of The Path, feels “the experience is spectacular”.

Dina created The Path after experiencing some of the less popular New York City meditation spaces that were typically held on the 7th floor of an office building with no soap or working hot water. The Path was created for the next generation change makers. Many individuals in fashion and publishing are making their way to The Path to bring kindness into their lives for better decisions at both work and home.

The idea for The Path came to Dina during a silent retreat in India. Dina “had a huge insight. I had optimized my life until this point to be liked, to be popular, and that this wasn’t serving me anymore, and I just wanted to be myself”.

The minute she had this realization, a voice came to her and said, “You’re going to come out of this retreat a better person. Everyone should have the chance to do this. But it doesn’t need to be this hard. When you go back to the United States, you’ll start a company to bring meditation to the mainstream, and you’ll call it The Path.”

The Path: meditation for the modern mind. Come sit.