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The Butterfly: Prose for a Pose Series

The sun has begun to peek through your windows. Your piercing alarm sings with urgency—morning has arrived! You reluctantly swipe away the warmth of your blankets, and as the cool air travels around your ankles, questions rouse concern. With a fixated yawn, you stare straight ahead as your feet reach for sanctuary beneath the sheets.

As your body starts to bargain with your mind, not a single toe has tipped its way to the ground. Yes, it’s cold, but that’s not it. You could do with more sleep maybe, but that’s not quite it either. And then it hits! You aren’t sure how to decide what kind of day it will be--What will I wear? Who will I see? Is there anything I forgot to do? Please, just 5 more minutes! --And with this uncertainty you begin to wonder how anyone else ever decides.

Still starring at those feet you begin to wriggle the toes, and listen as bits of a dream wither. While lifting your arms high above expectation, you yearn, and bend, and reach for what today has in store. Now clasping your palms to feet, and bowing chin to chest, you gradually bring it all in. It’s a slow movement, allowing your knees to bend, and thighs to caress acceptance. This day has arrived and with every breathing push and pull, you feel readied.

Here is where you decide. In the breath, and movement, you patiently assure your mind to match the strength of your body. If your legs can wake, and bend, and breathe, so can your thoughts, and ambitions too.

Your heels have paralleled, and as you firmly press your soles against one another the strength ensues. You’ve released any bitterness about leaving bed, and instead become attracted to the day. Blood continues to flow through your spine, and soon it’s time to get those feet moving.

With a leap of faith and ferocity, you spring forward. Reflect on the peace and connectivity you have created with just one pose—the butterfly. You will maintain balance between mind and mobility; One pose a day to light the way.

About the author: Monique M. Luna is a UCLA graduate, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for writing stems from a never-ending curiosity, and means of merging facts wit