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Meraki and the Sacred Oath of my favorite new terms. Meriaki: A Greek word, and I feel bound by a sacred oath within live meraki, to devote my soul, creativity, and heart into all that I do so that everywhere I go and everyone that I touch, I leave a small piece of myself behind.

It has been almost one full year since I have discovered what all the hype surrounding yoga is really about. It is not just an exercise. In fact the physical benefits are just a nice bonus compared to unity it helps you develop within yourself. I fell in love with yoga once I accepted that I didn’t have to be a pretzel, and it was okay if I was nowhere near the others in my class in terms of ‘physical acumen’. I ‘got it’ once I let go of everything else, all my anxieties, anger, sadness, my misconceptions, my laundry list of to-dos, the emails awaiting response even the stomach aches that plagued my days, I had to let all of that shit go. For a while the small enclosed studio was the only place I felt free. Thankfully, now, I’ve learned to harness that freedom and keep it with me.

For me the practice of yoga is a lot like taking a communion with myself, a prayer, a time where I am aware of my soul and its yearnings. It is literally my way of telling my mind, body, and soul collectively that they matter to me - like giving them all and hour long hug. The intimacy that yoga can create between the three of ‘us’ is truly astounding. I have faced physical set backs in my practice that made progress seem daunting in mere physical terms, yet the practice of yoga never let me down. I have become addicted to the enrichment it provides and promise to never again neglect my mind, body, and soul.

The best part is I am just scratching the surface of all that becoming a yogi has to offer. I am grateful beyond belief to have found a therapy as effective and inspiring as yoga. I hope that everyone has the chance at some point in their days, weeks, years, to take a break be mindful and treat yo’ self. Whether it be through yoga or your own person piece of heaven - go there as often as possible. The you that returns full can accomplish a whole lot more than the tired strung out cranky version, trust me on that one. When you are full you have the ability to live your life Meraki and leave a little trail of hope everywhere you go.

About the author: Alyssa Moore is a PNW native who loves to explore the beauty the PNW has to offer with her sidekick Gatsby, an Australian Shepherd. She is an avid connoisseur of literature wine and poetry, a "practicer" of yoga, and is in the constant pursuit of knowledge and experience in holistic lifestyles and healthy living.