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Tastebud to Divine

I innovated my mind so you could see the terror in my eyes.

In love with a woman who says she's submissive to god.

So why you hide pain to the interior of the things you keep within.

We was a love story. Like ink to pen.

My letters slash words; become frustrated sexually if it's not resonating about you.

For it been that I haven't heard you sing in a long time.

I crave your existence like a little kid crave the weekends.

Waking up beside you feel like thunderbolts and being stung by a bumblebee but having me all so calm to predict your next move meaning I am addicted to be in you presence.

That you became so well lost in my mind, I'd think you did this on purpose. That unforgettable love. That undeniable passion.

More desiring to quench my thirst in a unfamiliar tastebud that was familiar.

As I want stare at you.

Consume you with each blink.

Fall into your eyes. drunk off our eye contact.