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How Clearing and Balancing your Root Chakra Can Help You Feel More Secure in Life

Let's start of with identifying what exactly a Chakra is. A Chakra is an energy center within our body. Each Chakra represents different elements of ourselves which can be influenced by our childhood experiences. These experiences can also cause substantial blocks or unbalances within our Chakra's. This evening, we will highlight the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and just behind the genitals. This Chakra is represented by the colour Red and represents our survival, security, safety and basic needs.

There are a few causes of a blocked Root Chakra but here are some:

- Trauma during birth

- Inherited trauma (war veterans, Holocaust survivors)

- Feeding difficulties in early stages of life

- Poor physical bonding with Mother

- Abandonment

- Physical neglect

If one or more of these traumas have occurred in your childhood and you wish to heal / release these blocks, following a guided meditation in the specific areas can get things started for you.

Depending on how intense the trauma was for you, it could take a few months, or even a year, before you start to feel completely grounded and secure in your life.

Once you begin to heal these traumas, any suppressed emotions or feelings will begin to rise up again. It is vital that you allow these emotions to flow as it is important to release.

After a few months of meditating and releasing, you may feel like you're ready to tackle the next step on your journey.

This next step involves forgiving yourself, the other people involved and the situation. This can potentially be one of the most difficult steps to take, however, when healing it is a very vital step to take.

You may also experience physical purges while healing from traumas. Commonly, the affected physical symptoms tend to be in the area that the Chakra is, however, physical purges can occur anywhere. These can range from vomiting, head colds, the flu and muscle discomfort.

When balancing the Root Chakra, you can use 4 of your senses.

Sight: By wearing red clothing or setting your phone / desktop background to something red.

Smell: The aromas associated with the Root Chakra are at Patchouli, Cedar-wood, Frankincense and Myrrh. These aromas can be used as essential oils (dabbing on wrists) or by lighting and incense,

Taste: By consuming earthy and red food you are also balancing your Root Chakra.

Sound: By playing 'Root Chakra Meditation Music' on YouTube or Binaural Beats at 396 Hz on Youtube.

Once you have unblocked and balanced your Root Chakra, you will begin to feel more secure in your life, you will feel more supported and you will begin to truly feel like you're connected to this physical world.

About the author: Chloé is a book addicted, crystal lover. Hiding away in the nature of New Zealand, she is always finding a way to lend a helping hand. She is passionate about historical artifacts & is always looking for new places to go find inspiration and write.