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The Human Connection

A lotus flower, a symbol of divinity, only

blooms in and returns to muddy water, yet flowers

clean. It seems that, when we continue to

deprive ourselves, over and over again, from the

Earth, or the “muddy water”, we also seem to

fail ourselves, causing all prior

growth to come to an abrupt


It can happen in an instant, but remember:

Judgments and delusions are, simply put, not

knowledgeable, and seem to only

leech joy when we all deserve a

myriad of self-love, and an abundance of


Onwards, remember your

purpose in this world is

quite significant and you are a

radiant, ethereal being full of sacred love, with much

space to grow and evolve into

the person you were always meant to be. Be

unapologetically, supremely and

vivaciously you,

whoever that is, in this

xenophobic world. Remember:

You are irreplaceable. Like the lotus: you are divine. Be

zealous in your mission to bloom from muddy water.

About the author: Cari is a student currently studying creative writing and double majoring in fiction and poetry. She is a highly spiritual being, constantly learning and receiving the messages of the Universe. She aspires to inspire, lift up and teach through her words.