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Frank and the Ocean

The beach has always been my solace. It's the place where earth and water meet, where you can look up at the sky and remember just how small you are in this giant universe. Anytime I've needed to cleanse, to make huge decisions, to pour my heart out, it's been with my toes deep in salt water, sand sinking beneath me. I imagine it's that way for Frank Ocean too.

Not that I know him personally, but I've always felt this odd closeness to Frank. He's a Scorpio, like me, so I understand his feelings of being misunderstood. The way he writes about love and heartbreak with such a heart wrenching beauty, I get that. I know those feelings like the back of my hand. Few artists do what he does, weaving mystery with words that still ignite fires in our bellies and cause us to question our entire existence, very similar to that feeling you get laying on the beach at night looking at two vast spaces that hold so many undiscovered gems. All Frank Ocean songs are meant for the beach, and I had to test it out my theory myself.

I started off with "Nature Feels". It felt appropriate. The sun was shining, wind blowing, waves flowing up against the shore. I took myself through the "Lonny Breax Collection" for nostalgia's sake and let the 2010 Tumblr girl in me feel all the feels with "Bricks and Steel" and "Truce". I put my playlist on shuffle. "Strawberry Swing" comes booming through my headphones, and I'm back in my first apartment, laying on my futon at 11pm daydreaming before slumber. It feels innocent, yet wise beyond those years. I kept it on "Nostalgia Ultra" - the sun kissing my face as "Novacane" and "Songs For Women" made me dance a jig on my beach towel. Then comes "We All Try", and I melt back into the atmosphere around me. I hit shuffle again. Like it knew what I needed, "Thinkin' Bout You" creeps its way in as the other fades out. The sun stared to set as Frank crooned about roads changing from color to black and white. "Forest Gump" and "Bad Religion" mellow out the mood with the sun dipping down in it's yellows and pinks to make room for the blue of the moon. I took my headphones out, and walked to the shore as the opening lines of "Swim Good" blared through my speaker. I dipped my toes in the water. My head tilted back up towards the sky. In that moment, I get it. I feel you Frank...I feel you.

About the author: AsiahMae is a writer, poet, curator and budding herbalist residing in Charleston, SC. She is the co-founder of both, a platform for millennial writers of color/queer writers, and, a platform for indie artists of all mediums. When she's not wrapped up in managing and mingling, you can find her recharging out in nature, in a bookstore with her love or on Twitter dishing out self care tweets in her around the way girl banter.