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The Divine Feminine

She is woman, and she is divinity.

She holds creation beneath her Sacral.

She speaks and walks with grace,

and leaves only love with no apologies

in her wake. She is woman,

and woman is divine.

She is as graceful as she is powerful.

She is confidence, just in the way she moves-

She doesn’t even need to speak.

Her roots wrap around a flaming core-

She is creation.

Her femininity is divine.

She doesn’t apologize,

and she doesn’t feel sorry

for those she cannot save.

Her aura is a clear, white entity

that she does not allow to be tainted.

Energy moves through her in fluid motion

and her body is her sacred temple.

She allows nothing to phase her.

She is woman. She is divinity

and as she screams, a life screams with her-

A soul that grew inside of her, enters the world.

She is creation. She is divinity.

About the author: Cari is a student currently studying creative writing and double majoring in fiction and poetry. She is a highly spiritual being, constantly learning and receiving the messages of the Universe. She aspires to inspire, lift up and teach through her words.