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It seems there are always people that have everything going for them. Whatever they want, they have! Complete peace and happiness, they have! But what we don't see is the Magic behind the scenes that got them where they are. Forget about the physical work. Think about the spiritual aspect. Think about the sleepless nights they've spent worrying about failing. Consider the times they've been depressed and lost faith in themselves. Total success stems from the mind, body and soul. They are all interdependent. Once you've reached and exercised this understanding, then you've become one with the Universe. However, this train of thought isn't simple. With time, faith and discipline it can be accomplished. Everyone's journey is different, but here are some basic ways to get started:

Positive Self-Talk

  • If you don't believe you can do anything that makes a difference, then you won't be able to productively do anything at all. Understand we are our biggest critics. It is okay to expect a lot from ourselves but not to the point where our expectations are unrealistic. Set a daily goal and accomplish it no matter how small it is. Pat yourself on the back each night for making it successfully through a long day. BUILD YOURSELF UP THROUGH YOUR WORDS!

Understanding Manifestation

  • It is imperative for you to believe that you are your thoughts. What you think, what you speak and what you believe ALWAYS comes to fruition - both negative and positive. It may or may not happen immediately, but it will ALWAYS happen at some point. So take that positive self talk and combine it with your genuine feelings, plant these seeds and you will soon begin to see them manifest.

Maintain Your Reality

  • Now that the Universe is working to your desires it is important for you to stay consistent. Even on your worst days, you must wholeheartedly believe that you are in charge of your life - that you shape your reality. As Anyaele Sam Chiyson once said, "If you can direct your energy to the right channel, you will recreate your world."

These are the three basic principles to being one with the Universe. You are what you believe you are. Hold onto these and your dreams will become your reality.