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You turn the power off on your phone

and allow yourself to fully relax.

The hum of the dishwasher acts as an

anchor for your mind to cling to as you

attempt to soften your face and slow your breath.

Your body feels safe near the Earth. Your palms

face the heavens in hopes of receiving

any messages They might have for you.

You set a timer for thirty minutes

and the sound of a lawnmower outside

nags you, but you let it. You are still, as

the world around you begins to fall

away. The room inside your head has

welcomed you, once again. The warm sun shines

gloriously through bay windows that

overlook a scene of green and cerulean.

You take a seat. Each breath you take soothes you.

Worries do not exist here, in this realm

that spawned from your need to just simply Be.

A lilac sky and clusters of white clouds

fill your vision as the sun begins to

descend. The twilight horizon moves in tune

with your breath and you are safe from your own

self-judgments. You have found serenity

within Solace - this world you created.

Cari is a student currently studying creative writing and double majoring in fiction and poetry. She is a highly spiritual being, constantly learning and receiving the messages of the Universe. She aspires to inspire, lift up and teach through her words.