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Spirituality + Motherhood

Spirituality in and of itself is a very compassionate, gentle, healing and abundant journey. Place that alongside motherhood and you experience something very unique.

I grew up around spiritual tools and Clairvoyance so I wasn't blind to the journey. It wasn't until I was around 16-17 years old (5-6 years ago) that I started to truly open my eyes and step into the journey. When my daughter was 9 months old, I started to follow spiritual tools and work alongside spiritual practices enough for me to admit I was finally on my spiritual journey.

The journey hasn't been easy. It's been uncomfortable, emotionally painful, messy and full of turmoil. But out of all of those things, I gained so many lessons, I evolved myself, I healed and I moved on. Most importantly, my daughter watched me experience every single one, which I believe is one of the most important lessons I could ever teach her. I'm her mummy, but I also have feelings too, just like her. By seeing me cry, be scared, be sensitive, be open and be assertive, she knows it's okay to feel and express those emotions too. Spirituality taught me the tools I practice with my daughter. Without them, I would still be a great mother, but these tools I've gained have allowed me to create a bond with her that's beyond anything I've seen or experienced. Something small such as giving her the space to talk when she's upset so that her Throat Chakra continues to be balanced makes a difference in our day to day interaction. Or, giving her that much needed cuddle if she's having a sensitive day to help her Root Chakra helps balance her emotions. By being mindful of these things and holding spaces that she needs not only strengthens our bond and builds our trust with one another, but also helps her understand how to react when she feels my sensitivity. Meditation has always been something she looks forward to. I was meditating with her regularly and she was always excited to pick her crystals out, relax and go to our Jungle World and see what animals we could find. For children, it is so important to give them spaces to use breathing techniques to calm their body.

After healing myself and following a Spiritual Path, I was able to give my daughter the highest version of myself. I am still learning and growing, and she will continue to see that, just as I will with her. She's still teaching me things herself. Being on this journey and being a mother as well is one of the most amazing feelings ever. It's all unconditional love, unconditional time and fun. I wouldn't change anything at all on this journey we take together.