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Something to Consider: The Pause Pod

People are more connected now than ever. This is great in certain ways, but it can also be overwhelming. We're all busy trying to take over the world, dealing with people, and scrolling through our social media notifications which alone is enough to cause overstimulation pretty quickly. And yet we don't necessarily pay attention and take the breaks that we need until we've reached the point of meltdown. When we monitor the way we feel and honor our needs for quick breaks here and there it ends up supporting out livelihood in a variety of ways. One Kickstarter project called the Pause Pod wants to give us that option no matter where we are.

The concept behind the Pause Pod is a private venue that offers a spot to rest, read, listen to music, etc. Its design basically looks like a tent for one, and is actually inspired by the sweet solitude that one would find in a homemade fort. Folded up, it's easy to carry around and it can be popped up anywhere there is floor space.

Let's be honest, a lot of the time when we feel like we need a break we don't really have the opportunity to take one. It's not easy to meditate at your work desk, and in a house full of people sometimes the only place to find privacy is the bathroom. Technically you could just lay down on the floor somewhere and try to chill out, but the lack of privacy in that scenario is less than relaxing. Perhaps even anxiety inducing. The Pause Pod aims to fix that problem by creating a relaxing environment that makes it obvious that the person inside is intentionally separating themselves from the public eye, as opposed to just looking suspicious sitting in the corner.

The Pause Pod is also made with fabric that keeps out 99 percent of the light, which means that you might have an easier time napping in there than in many bedrooms. Potential add-ons include things like ear plugs, eye masks, a starry sky mount, and a mount for iPads when you want to disconnect by connecting to your TV. The project is currently in its funding stages with $95,846 pledged of an $11,336 goal and ten days left to go. Backers can get a special Kickstart rate on the pod for around $100.