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Top 5 Yoga Retreats In The U.S.

With summer just around the corner, millions of Americans are eagerly making vacation plans. Sure, visiting beachfront towns and bustling cities can be fun- but why not journey to a place where you can exercise the mind and body? This is where yoga retreats come in! And the best part, you don't have to leave the country to have an unforgettable stay. Learn how you can flex your yogi muscles and heal your soul at these highly-rated retreats.

Here are 5 amazing yoga retreats in the U.S.:

1. West Coast - White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center: Located in Santa Barbara, C.A., the White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center is a mountain sanctuary overlooking the gorgeous Pacific and Channel Islands. Founded in the 1970s by yoga master Ganga White, this retreat has helped thousands of devoted yogis find their center. Numerous workshops and training courses are offered throughout the year, this includes yoga classes, instructor certification, daily hikes in nearby forests, swimming, meditation sessions in grand canyons and gourmet vegetarian meals. The 3-day Sacred Breath Pranayama and Thai Yoga Weekend retreats start at $650; whereas the 4-day Memorial and Labor Day Yoga retreats are $825. Advanced programs and yoga teacher training retreats are steeper in price, but they also include accommodation and access to facilities for 9 or 16 days.

2. Southwest - Shambhala Mountain Center: Nestled righted right in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and the Red Feather Lakes, the Shambhala Mountain Center is a scenic retreat where you can find your zen. Established in 1971 by Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Shambhala renders an impressive schedule that will make yogis swoon. Aside from relaxing yoga sessions, this retreat offers wilderness hikes, guided meditation, poetry readings, three nutritious meals per day and much more. If these amenities weren't enough, the Shambhala is also home of the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, which is a breathtaking 108 foot tall homage to the center's founder. Prices vary depending on your selected lodging and retreat, however most shared dorms or tents start at $79, while private suites run around $263 and up. Off-campus stays are possible, but there are fees for meals and facility usage.

3. Midwest - Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center: Situated in Watervliet, a cozy neighborhood in Southwestern Michigan, the Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center is a top choice for yogis seeking a worthwhile getaway. Once a camp for girls, the Ronora Lodge was converted into a retreat center in 1988 by Dr. Lonnie Myers. This notable retreat is home to a 210 acre nature preserve, which includes a private lake, wooded areas, nature trails, pristine pastures and opportunities for wildlife viewings. Enjoy your stay in spacious cabins and take advantage Ronora's spiritual chapels and meditation areas to get your "om" on. Meal plans can be added to enhance your stay and special discounted rates can be added for large groups. A unique amenity the Ronora offers is their Redtail Equine Center, a program where horse interactions are facilitated by Eagala therapists for healing. Rates range from $150 to $700 per night depending on group size.

4. Northeast - Omega Institute: Hidden in New York's Hudson Valley is the Omega Institute. This lush retreat was established in 1977 and it extends a whopping 250 acres in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Originally started by holistic healers, Elizabeth Lesser and Stephan Rechtschaffen, the Omega Institute serves thousands as an education center and wellness resort. Intensive yoga workshops are offered daily by top-tier instructors, along with noteworthy tai chi and movement meditation classes. With so much land available, it'd be a crime to not take part in nature hikes, kayaking or swimming while you're there. Not only is the Omega Institute stunning to look at, but it also offers healthy meals and spa treatments to help you relax. 2-night, 3-night, 5-night and 7-night R&R retreats are available, and depending on your selected accommodations- prices range from $100 to $1,645.

5. Southeast - Full Circle Wellness: With one location in Big Pine Key and an affiliate in Marathon F.L., Full Circle Wellness is a yoga retreat in a league of its own. Started by yoga enthusiast and self-proclaimed shaman, Jolie Wilson, Full Circle provides luxurious beach yoga and healing 4-day retreats in the beautiful Florida Keys. Visitors reside in the Deer Run Bed & Breakfast or private accommodations during their stay, and engage in open water paddle board yoga classes. A variety of workshops and healing sessions are available for those who need coaching in nutrition, supplements, meditation, therapy and much more. Yoga teacher training and certification are also offered at Full Circle. Meal plans are optional and prices vary contingent on luxury or budget retreat selections, which range from $899 to $2,499. Regardless of which you choose though, you're sure to have an outstanding time.

Take an opportunity to invest in your well-being and make new friends this upcoming summer. At a yoga retreat you will deepen your practice and gain enlightenment you've never experienced before. Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for the recharge. Not to mention all the exotic locations you can discover without the need of a passport.

Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Would you consider vacationing at a yoga retreat? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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