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I’m not dancing but

pulsing along with the

other hundreds of bodies

moving just as one, breathing

and stretching trying to get

as close to the stage as possible

each person reaching like

a giant’s single arm grasping

at the air trying desperately

to touch the music that

lingers just out of reach;

It’s like a two hour long orgasm

And I’ve never been this fucked,

I want to die at a concert

crowd surf my corpse

through the hands of hundreds,

let them drop my body

have it fall to the floor

Littered in tickets and sticky

with the alcohol that couldn’t

contain itself in the sloshing

cups, have the crowd

stomp on my chest

til my ribs cave in

to the same beat that

the drummers playing,

kill me with the

euphoria of the melody,

let it choke out the air

from my lungs until I breathe out

the music that I stole.

About the author: Lauren McGrath is a twenty year old native New Yorker attending Quinnipiac University. She’s currently studying journalism and creative writing. She wishes to utilize her dry sense of humor and witty commentary to become a professional satirical writer or political comedian. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Quinnipiac’s satire newspaper: The Quinnipiac Barnacle. She fights her clinical depression fiercely using music and medicine as her weapons. She strives to expose societal, political, and institutional injustice through a critical comedic lens. Her life goal is to make a loving lasting impact on this world, or to meet John Oliver. Find her on Twitter!


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