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Soul's Journey

“Am I really about to begin another life?” Soul said wearily, looking to Guide. “Yes, darling, it is time.” Guide looked to Soul, and Soul felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and wonder all at the same time. “But, I’ve just arrived…” Soul looked to Guide, then all around at it’s Angels. Soul’s past pets were all playing nicely together. When they all saw Soul again, they smothered Soul in an enormous amount of love. Soul smiled at the memory. “I’ve just woken up… and I already have to go back to sleep?” Soul

asked Guide. Guide chuckled. “Oh Soul… you still have much to learn. And remember… I’m coming with you. I’ll be there for a while… And yes, you will lose me, but I am meant to be your Guide.” Guide looked down to Soul, and Soul began to cry, anticipating the loss. “Oh Guide, I think I am ready.” Guide and Soul joined hands. In that moment, Soul blasted through time and space, soaring through the cosmos. “The 3rd Dimension…” Soul thought, briefly. The next thing Soul saw were bright lights. Soul smelled latex and blood – in fact, Soul was covered in it.

Soul screamed. “It’s a boy!” a voice called. A boy? “Elijah… I will call him Elijah.” Elijah...

Elijah looked

into the eyes of his creator. Guide?

Comfort flooded his tiny, new body - the energy

didn't lie. She was Guide.

Then, remembering

what Guide said, Elijah screamed again,

and then

his slate was wiped