May 21, 2017

Imagine me here

Wrapped inside the wind behind the wispy clouds

Moving petals from the meadows

Shaking loose confetti


Will you remember the times I came to you

When your heart was broken

I blew your tears away

Caressed your head when it was heavy

Made the puddles dance

Beneath your absent feet


I whispered your name through the trees

You must have heard the rustling leaves

Joining in your heartache


I moved bird feathers

They flew against the flock in your direction

Chasing after the broken dreams

That fell to the bottom of the sea


I caught them as they sunk

Placed them inside oyster pearls

Where grains of sand hold onto memories of the land


Some I hold up to the sun so dry your tears of melancholy

That your eyes might see me spinning your forlorn dreams

Against the splendour of the stars

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