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Can't breathe

Can't think

Can't focus

Can't blink

When does it stop?

When does it end?

When did the pain -

Did it become my friend?

Monsters inside me

Crying and fighting

Help me! Help me!

I feel like I'm dying

I can't think my own words

Can't hear my own thoughts

Why am I here?

Feeling so lost

Drowning and counting

All the days I've been frowning

Crazy nights and crazy days

Always walking in a haze

Where does happiness begin?

Where does misery end?

Where is my safe place

The one beyond my fictional friend

Where is the hope?

What does it hold - the future?

Can't seem to get close

Can't seem to paint the whole picture

I hum to myself

A sweet lullaby

The monsters inside me

Find a place to hide

But I can't do this alone

I need some help


He will listen

Pray for hope

Pray for peace

Pray for serenity

Pray for my sanity to return.