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Zodiac Obsession

I'm a Gemini; the sign that is probably the most hated. Gemini's are moody, talkative, emotional, and maybe a little over dramatic. This is what we're known for, but no one talks about how Gemini's are intelligent, loyal, and social. Every sign has its positives and negatives. And, of course, not all fit their sign.

It seems like millennials are obsessed with astrology. It's always been popular to look up your zodiac and read your characteristics, but nowadays we have multiple apps and thousands of articles to try an engage the reader. I have an app where I check my daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope. I think what appeals to people, especially now, is the opportunity to read about themselves and the forces by which drive them. We live in a society where having confidence and loving yourself is more common, which allows people to be obsessed with themselves (but in a positive light). I like the yearly horoscopes feature on my app because I feel that's the most accurate (based on reading them over past few years).

I remember seeing what seemed like endless shops and signs that read "Psychic Readings" in bright neon colors all over NYC. Each day, I take the local bus to get home. On a busy street close by, there's a little apartment window that says "Miss Theresa Psychic Readings" with a phone number beneath it. Sometimes when it's nice out, I see "Miss Theresa" sitting on a chair in front of her rusty door looking somewhat lonely. I want to know her story. When did she start her business? Does she have a husband and grown children? Does she have people visiting her? I can only think people don't trust psychics anymore. At some point, it appeared physics had quite the following. Some of them were genuine while others appeared novice. I think this is where the misconception of not trusting psychics comes from. The reason they aren't as popular anymore is because of all the technology that is available to us.

There are so many people who are skeptical of horoscopes, but China represents greatly uses horoscopes as a forefront of their cultural beliefs. So much so, some apps have a section where you can read your Chinese yearly horoscope. People believe the Chinese horoscope is more accurate than some "regular" app you may download from iTunes. There are many reasons as to why people don't believe in horoscopes and one of them being is that it just doesn't seem possible. Horoscopes are based on astrology and it's been around since the dawn of time, but not everyone feels their personalities resonate with the movement of the stars.

Zodiac culture is meant to be informative and an alternative way of viewing your higher self. It's pleasurable to read about yourself and find your compatibles in many facets of your life. I may never know "Miss Theresa" and what she represents, but I do know she represents a version of herself that is far greater than my understanding.