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All About Nuts: Two Nuts and a Date

Let's talk about nuts and a date. They heal -- just watch.

Medjool Dates

These dates are notable for their delicious taste, their many health benefits, and the imaginative ways they can be included in recipes.

What is a Medjool date? Technically, it is a date grown from a particular date palm tree found in California, the Canary Islands, North Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. The skin has a deep brown color with a firm, wrinkled texture. The inside of the date is moist with a meaty consistency and has a wonderful taste that has been compared to caramel.

The Medjool date can be eaten either fresh or dried. The drying of the dates increases their longevity and reduces their chances of premature spoiling. These dates differ significantly with regard to size. Although no industry standards have been established for Medjool date dimensions, they have been classified as “large,” “jumbo” or “super,” referring to both their length and circumference.

For health-conscious shoppers, take a look at these benefits!

  • Natural Energy Booster and Sweetener – Instead of more coffee, try Medjool dates! They are high in natural sugars such as sucrose, glucose, and fructose which are easily digested and utilized efficiently for energy. Although they are as sweet as candy, they contain none of the refined sugar which can lead to diabetes.

  • Decrease Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels – Eating Medjool dates increases fiber intake which can substantially lower LDL, known as “bad cholesterol”, naturally. Triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood, can increase the risk of heart disease when found in the body at elevated levels. One study found that consuming these dates reduced triglyceride levels by 8 percent.

  • Improve Bone Health – Medjool dates are high in both calcium (6.4 percent DV) and phosphorus (6.3 percent daily value or “DV’) which assists in keeping the body systems working properly and can help ward off osteoporosis.

  • Relieve Constipation – Most people do not consume enough fiber and these dates, containing 6.7 grams of fiber (26.8 percent DV) per one serving (100 grams) of dates, help the body maintain regularity.

Ready for some new recipes?

Once you get rid of the pit (easily removable with a knife or even your fingers), there are plenty of scrumptious ways you can enjoy Medjool dates. They can be added to energy drinks or stuffed with cheese.