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Build a Bridge: Prose for a Pose Series

Does my conscious mind deceive me? Am I awake or still dreaming?

My thoughts are clouded, and so desperately muddled with lust and inspiration.

Give me your open mind, and feel me sprawled out upon thee.

I clench the Earth beneath me.

My hands stream like a team of curious ants searching for the sweetest of sorts.

There they go, roaming over, touching, tasting.

I’m floating here in space, soaring, flying, and trying to be set free.

So I build a bridge; bending at the back, and firmed by the weight he left on my shoulders.

When it’s time to close my eyes I think about how this will help me.

I think about what I’m letting go as I lift my hips and give everything back to you.

It’s time I breathe:

Reprimanded thoughts immix With painstaking gestures I sometimes regret truth The way she regrets creamy custard Pleading jizz A fat man Ash cotton at your feet Grey mâché in your hair Coffee halitosis Sand paper tongue Kitty lickers, and More bad breath Pricked belly to match her, Prickly peach Ripened thickness Not plucked, fallen Bruised, juicy None the wiser Do as you please Not to mutter a sound The floor creeks A cold chill Trotting on your wood Flat feet, and Cold, Hard, Wood.

About the author: Monique M. Luna is a UCLA graduate, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for writing stems from a never-ending curiosity, and means of merging facts with fantasy. In her daily routine she provides ABA services to clients and families with Autism. Whether in-home, or on site, she uses these experiences to grow and evolve as a writer. She hopes that through her work and writing you are challenged to question, reflect, and accept with love, and open minds.