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How YouTube Changed My Life: A Nomadic Shift Series

Family gatherings can be tense for some, but for my husband, Jon, and myself, we love getting to visit our out-of-town relatives. Every year, we circulate the holidays between our two families and hit the road to one destination or another. About five years ago, my father-in-law set in motion the craziest idea that Jon and I had ever considered. Camping…full-time.

Jon and I mentioned that once we got married, we wanted to do a lot of camping. We also mentioned it probably wasn’t likely to happen due to finances…we were going to be newly married, after all! That, my friends, is when Jon’s dad suggested checking out a YouTube channel centered around a full-time RVing couple. An idea that we’d never considered before and, to be honest, thought was a bit too crazy for us.

I’m not gonna lie, I dragged my feet even thinking about checking them out. It took about a year before I actually typed them into the search engine and clicked on the first video. A certain aversion to videos on the internet may have played a major role in my slow pace.

'Gone With the Wynns’ were full-time RVers (now full-time Sailors…I know, they’re awesome) and something about their lives seemed to awaken a part of my soul that I hadn’t realized had been lying dormant, despite the undeniable throbbing beneath the surface. Wanderlust: an overpowering desire to travel, to experience, to live. And man, did they live!

For years I lived through them. I attended the Kentucky Derby, visited Taos, boarded Breckenridge, and toured breweries – all from behind a screen. All the while, Jon and I were secretly (to our parents, anyway…they weren’t exactly in favor of the idea of living in a ‘trailer’) checking out used RVs, figuring out how to make money on the road, reading forums, and trying to see what we had to do to make our lives like theirs.

Flash forward to one year ago and you see ‘Danny’, our new-to-us 2003 Carriage Carri-lite RV. Seeing all of the adventures that the Wynn’s had gone on had left us with a feeling that there was no option for a different lifestyle. We both love camping, we both love travelling, we both love freedom. The decision only made sense.