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Pass on Electric Nation – P.R.N

The light had left the earth

And it was dark

Vacuum in space

No Sound

Sucking the air from her body

Her soul waaailled

Not knowing how to separate the melodies from the images of her childhood

It reversed her world, growing back instead of up

The earth stood still

And the air was steady


Except for the clusterfunk of electric melodies floating pulsating in the air

Bouncing ideas in invisible places

So she grabbed them

I inject the electric melodies into my blood

Dissolving become one

The light returns

Like a fixed clock the hand starts to moves

Electric melodies sparking the tree of knowledge into flame

Flames of love, pain, and freedom

Exploded in color

Regurgitated shapes

Riffs running through roads and painting streets

Chanting move let's go

She dances up stairs with electric pulsating beats

Reclaiming her memories

Kiss them and say I'll keep you

Dancing down with tingles in her feet, riffs in her body, melodies in her ears, colors in her hair, words on her lips

She wore a raspberry beret

About the author: Jasmine Willis is a storyteller who started carving images and sounds into words in the mountain of Virginia. She followed this passion at University of Virginia and continues to find passion in her craft. Find her on Twitter at @Jazzandra_J