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Letting Go

Letting go and

letting God,

allowing nature to

take its course.

In appearance

a simple concept;

in practice, impossible.

Were you ever able

to hold just still

enough to let

a butterfly sit in

your palm?

Let it grace you

with its wings,

for such moments

are too soon gone.

Every once in a

while, the sun peaks

through the clouds.

The rain never ceases,

but is somehow

made beautiful.

From cool diamonds

to warm gold.

The Rivery Princess

can be no one but


she ebbs and flows

and is parted by

rocks, her surface

visibly rippled by

stinging impacts.

But who endures

and who becomes


Some were meant

to criticize,

some were meant

to act,

and some were meant

to observe, banishing

judgment from their


All belong,

all have a place,

all contribute their

energy to the universe.

But some are attached

and some are vessels...

...which one are you?