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Crickets and Their Many Songs

Sat by the roaring fire flamed images moved alongside the blackness of a starry canvas. She could hear the crickets a short distance away singing songs, bringing to mind the concealed crickets in front of the bench under the tree, whose colourful songs serenade her on her daily walk.

Often she sits there to gather her thoughts replacing the shallow breathing that has become automatic and beyond any conscious control. As she sits inside the trees majestic aura and listens to the rhythmic crickets song her breath steadies synching with their song.

She feels strangely comforted for their singing evokes memories of Spanish holidays where friendships were formed and she was swept away in light hearted energies that were free from any cares. She can still feel the night’s caressing warm air, its crisp smell accompanying her down the darkened lanes as she made her way to the local fiesta where live bands cheered the weary souls of communities in need of release and escapism. On these rare nights cares and worries stayed at home under lock and key.

She too eagerly escaped into worlds of her choosing opting for a nomadic existence under the stars by a roaring fire. Nothing escaped the penetrating gaze of the stars; heavens eyes. Secrets were already known. She did not have to say a word; the stars winked in understanding.

And the crickets? They became the voice of the stars offering consolatory words that back then she understood. In moments of aloneness she can forget the same stars are still with her, and when she hears crickets sing, threads from that time and place tug at her soul dislodging memory fragments that awaken parts of Self that have yet to be integrated into the whole.

With so much of her present intertwined with her past, life for a long while resembled a complicated maze with no exit in sight. The stars gave her back her secret and only when she began to own it did she see the light shimmering in the distance. What began as a dot grew in size the closer she moved towards love and distanced herself from fear.

As she finally bathed in the light, the crickets sang their congratulatory songs. Today whenever she hears them sing, she is reminded that she did reach the end, the worst is behind her and the best is yet to come. Their songs propel her forward into an uncertain future yet she is less afraid for her path is lined with heaven’s winking eyes.