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Stuck in Utkatasana: Prose for a Pose Series

It’s that time of day again

While the clock ticks away like an ill fated metronome, callus ions coil

within my head

Their electrical impulses are stagnant...An energy now dulled by the system

My brain, so convoluted and gray, beats to the most truncated of tempos... 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1!

It becomes a disease of ours

It’s that time of day again

Protruding, adding character, although futile

Exists as a portal, as a perception–and so I do

I run backwards next, deteriorated and delayed

Deteriorated and delayed, leaving empty pockets of noise

It’s that time of day again

What we do to make it feel alright

And want

And indulge

In a firm bare breasted press

That embrace which sends a titillating dose of endorphins straight through the cavity between your lungs, and thrust outward from the most flushed of perennials...Your eyes become bound by fallacy

Clicking about, reminding me I’m bound to this punch card

When interrupted day dreams form like cantons...

Lending open arms for my subconscious ways to run

I’m a ribbon of rust, yet my emulsions fall short of producing a sound

That habit forming part

And crave

While the rhythms flow between us

You cannot see beyond my hues

A disease which reflects who we are each 9 to 5-versus who we long to be

I run forward first, capturing and creating

It’s a habit of act this way

The arousal rabidly penetrates, spilling me, finally, into an intoxicating slumber...Such fictive architecture of mine

In a warm bodied embrace to put us at ease

To sustain that nefarious, truncated tempo!

You’ve become saturated Drenched by dark matter shades, and just barely highlighted with brightly colored disguises As they blend, we infuse..such a beautiful palate Oh It’s that time of day again ...and the metronome has stopped.

About the author: Monique M. Luna is a UCLA graduate, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for writing stems from a never-ending curiosity, and means of merging facts with fantasy. In her daily routine she provides ABA services to clients and families with Autism. Whether in-home, or on site, she uses these experiences to grow and evolve as a writer. She hopes that through her work and writing you are challenged to question, reflect, and accept with love, and open minds.


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