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Balance Your Chakras and Chill Series: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Just behind our navel region burns a ball of yellow, firey energy. Our third chakra, which we call the Solar Plexus, or Manipura in Sanskrit, harbors our will, self-confidence, personal power, digestion in the body and discipline. This chakra is ruled by fire and is all about sense of the Self. When we meditate, workout, bathe or even go for a nice walk, we are feeding our third chakra. When we give ourselves love and withdraw from responsibility for the time being, that is the Solar Plexus at work. When our Solar Plexus is open or active, we feel it's element burning inside of us. Like fire, we are powerful, passionate and have no apologies for how much we love ourselves, even if that means burning bridges in old relationships. In the Solar Plexus, there is no shame, because confidence is not shameful, and neither is devotion to oneself.

The Solar Plexus is physically located just behind the navel. This chakra is also sometimes referred to as the Navel Chakra. The Solar Plexus rules digestive system as a whole. Specifically, the stomach, the liver, the large intestine, and the pancreas are all governed by the Solar Plexus. The main function of this chakra is to convert food into fuel for the body (considering the color yellow is associated with energy). This chakra has also been said to govern the eyes and the face.

When our Solar Plexus chakra is open, we feel driven to pursue our personal power or passions, and we are also more adept to put plans into action. An open Solar Plexus allows on to feel self-confident and live without judgement unto ourselves and others. Energy flowing freely to this chakra gives one the ability to say no when necessary and to let go of things that no longer serve them, as well as the ability to exercise their will power. A clear Solar Plexus will allow one to feel self-assured and independent in their waking life.

When energy is not flowing freely in the Solar Plexus, this can manifest as a lack of self-confidence, feeling a loss of direction, purpose or ambition in life as well as having emotional issues. One may seek constant approval from others, and may spend a significant amount of time wondering what others are thinking about them, causing themselves to live out of anxiety rather than out of free will. One may find it impossible to say no to favors or invitations. When too much energy is flowing to the Solar Plexus, this can lead to being highly critical of others, being manipulative, misusing power, and becoming deaf to advice that other's have for them. Too much energy in the Solar Plexus can cause one to believe they are always right, no matter what. An over active Solar Plexus tends to cause one to be a bully to others, while an under active Solar Plexus causes one to be a bully to themselves.

Physical ailments that can be caused by an imbalance in the Manipura include lethargy, hypoglycemia, anxiety, depression, stomach ulcers, diabetes, eating disorders, and other digestive problems.

Like all chakras, the Solar Plexus can be healed, by opening or closing. Before we dive into a short meditation for the Solar Plexus, we will address the other ways this particular chakra can be healed. Exercising and dancing are extremely effective in healing this chakra, since it is ruled by self confidence and self awareness. Although we haven't spoken in depth about yoga, yoga is also a wonderful way to balance and open the chakras. For the Manipura, Camel Pose, Cat/Cow pose, Warrior I/II and Cobra pose are effective. Healing can also be aided by eating yellow foods such as bananas, lemons, flax, squash and pineapple. Another way to balance and heal this chakra is to spend time soaking up the sun, as this chakra is ruled by the sun.

Now, a meditation for the Solar Plexus:

Start seated, on a bolster, on the floor or in a chair, so you do not fall asleep. If you choose to listen to singing bowls, now would be the time to turn those on. You can play them out loud or through earbuds. After getting situated, begin to start taking long, deep breaths. Allow your inhale to expand your belly like a balloon, and your exhale to deflate you. Repeat this through the entire meditation. Once you've begun to slip into a meditative state, begin to visualize yellow energy at your Solar Plexus. You may see this energy as a sphere or it may fill your entire inner sight. If you'd like, you can imagine it is a ball of fire. As you visualize, breath into this energy. Allow it to fill you up. Become one with it. Now that you embody this energy, you can transfer it through your hands. Place them on your Solar Plexus now (just above your belly button) and feel the beautiful, yellow energy pour into the chakra. End the meditation when you feel you have transferred all of the energy. Begin to bring movement back into your body. If you would like, you can also do this before bed, lying down, so you can fall asleep and fall much deeper into the meditation. You can repeat this as often as you deem necessary.

Great crystals for the Solar Plexus chakra include Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Pyrite and Yellow Tourmaline. Green crystals can also help heal this chakra, such as Malachite, Jade and Peridot.

To conclude, here are some affirmations for a healthy Solar Plexus chakra, and in turn, a happy life.

I am confident in my abilities.

I exercise my right to say no.

I exercise my mind and my body.

I am self-aware.

I allow time to love and cherish myself.

I am passionate about my life.

I trust the Universe to guide me in the right direction; to a fulfilling life.