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I Wish

I wish I knew how

to love you enough

to help you love


I wish I could take

your pain away,

keep your feelings from

rending your flesh

from the inside out.

I wish I had the answers

to give to you,

the fountain of eternal

knowledge with which

you can gauge the

dangers of our world.

But I can't.

I wish that I could

turn back time and make

the faults of others

ineffectual in your life.

I wish my hands could

magically dry every tear

that slid from your eyes,

never to slide again.

I wish I could warm

your frigid feet on

the hearth of my heart.

But I can't.

I wish I could be the

warrior princess,

the lady knight with

impeccable sight.

I wish I could detect

any and all enemies and

send them back from whence

they came.

I wish I could keep them

from your knowledge

and from your vision

for the rest of your days.

But I can't.

Nay, all I can do

is stand solid by

your side,

your warrior goddess,

who watches over you.

Your goddess of love,

your goddess of wisdom,

your goddess of healing

and hunt and strength.

All of these things I can be

for and with you.

Yes, my love.

That I can do.