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Healing Energy Tools

Healing Energy Tools believes in the power of the pyramid. The company believes that the shape focuses the earth's magnetism and therefore can alter energy levels in many ways.

Healing Energy Tools creates small pyramids that people primarily can use to wear on their head or be near to enhance meditation. "We choose the metals, we handcraft the pyramids, and we do the plating," the company's website states, "Gold, Silver and Brass have been known as 'healers' since ancient times."

According to the company, the benefits of incorporating a pyramid into meditation are endless and both physical and non-physical. Some of the apparent benefits are lower blood pressure, improved immune system, general increase in serotonin and happiness, and even can lead to more vivid dreaming.

Healing Energy Tools believes that the healing and benefits take place mostly due to the magnetism and energy that comes from the shape. They also believe the shape has an ionization effect with the head and thus can improve oxygen flow. This is what can lead to increased creativity, increased focus and reduced stress. Pyramids are shaped like tetrahedrons, which is a very strong atomic structure, which is also why the shape of the pyramid is their signature item.

There are many other claimed uses to these pyramids other than just wearing them on the head, during meditation or not. One can place food or water underneath a pyramid in order to improve the flavor or ionize them, put them on a part of their body they wish to heal, put them near items or prayer books they wish to energize or one can just keep them in the room to harmonize the room.

According to Healing Energy tools these pyramids have endless uses and can be used in many ways. This company is trying to merge both the scientific with the non-physical in their explanation on the benefits of their product. Ultimately the pyramids are said to harmonize, energize and most of all, heal.