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Clutter Healing

Having too much clutter in a home or workplace can be emotionally draining. The ironic part of this is, clutter and mess normally comes from people buying more things or items to distract themselves from their emotions. A little mess from clutter can act as an indication of a deeper perpetual emotional exhaustion. 

Clutter Healing is a company that looks to guide their customers through letting go of the material attachments that they don't need or don't find meaningful. Lili Pettit, the founder of Clutter Healing, helps clients by using clear logic, a positive attitude and skills that she has developed from studying spiritual healing. "We create a safe space to gently guide clients through the process of letting go of their attachments to their things," Pettit said.

Pettit and her company base their method on the idea of minimalism; minimalism is the idea of creating space for the meaningful important things in life, while getting rid of the less valuable physical things or clutter.

Pettit is often concerned that people give too much of their mental resources to their physical clutter. "New clients often come to me concerned that I will make them toss all their possessions, but they soon learn my method is quite the opposite," Pettit said, "After we’ve worked on their home, clients are more clear, more focused, and more aware of what they value most in life."

Pettit believes that these these cleanings/reorganizations can be life-altering and those client transformations are often what motivate her to do her job everyday. 

The job can sometimes be as exhausting as the clutter though as Pettit acknowledges she has had to pick up on methods to prevent herself from becoming too emotionally drained. "During the process it can be challenging to protect my energy," Pettit said, "I've worked hard to understand my own energetic needs and how best to create boundaries with clients. I frequently remind myself that I don't need to process emotions for others. I can provide a ton of support to a client simply by being there with them and not doing the work for them."