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Music To Heal: Gong Therapy

We all have different methods of healing. Some people enjoy going to therapy sessions for a listening ear. Others enjoy physical healing by going to the gym and doing some yoga. Surprisingly, a lot of people turn to music. We all have different tastes when it comes to music, but not a lot people have turn to cultural, spiritual, and traditional music for healing.

Let's go back to the Bronze Age where gongs were used for many things like announcing ceremonies and shamanic (related to beliefs/practices -- affiliated with the Shaman) healing rituals.

People are using gong healing for relaxation in yoga studios and even if their own homes. There are many benefits of gong healing besides helping you heal emotionally. Gong therapy physically depends on how concentrated you are. If you're wondering what the gong healer does and how it can help you, here's why:

Several yoga instructors and avid gong users say it all depends on how many gongs you use. Some use one or two because it all depends on how intense you want it to be. Creating different kinds of rhythms and sounds can effect the mind and body when it comes to healing. By doing so, the nervous system will react to the gong and it's sounds, giving you the healing you need. In more detail, gong therapy isn't just healing through the ears, but it mainly focuses on the physical nervous system. The sounds give a chilling and relaxing sensation on the skin, by doing so, the body picks up the sounds and the healing begins.

The reasoning behind using this method of healing is quite simple. There are people who prefer this kind of therapy rather than having to go to a professional therapist face to face and discuss their problems. Sometimes, a person finds music as a way to heal themselves, whether it's because of anxiety or that they're not ready to see someone, this a method that could heal someone in ways that could increase several beneficial needs. The gong supposedly is something that is affiliated to healing the parasympathetic nervous system, which attracts to meditating the resting and digestive nervous system.

Sometimes it's important to make sure that you get some kind of healing to your mind and body. Even if you're healthy both mentally an physically, there are parts of the mind that need special attention. There are so many people out there that