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An End with Tadasana: Prose for a Pose Series

I raised myself; a mountain I would be. Poised firmly, always standing tall, though my mind prefers to drift:

Our Earth has been forced to death, by the hand of mankind. The disregard we have for the world around us is now knocking at our doorstep. There's no hope. So instead I embrace the beauty of such an end. If you could only see this bounty flying by to take Earth away. It glows, and has an eminent gravitational pull. Colorful violets, and blues exude their magnetism, and I can feel the tiny hairs of my arms raise. It hurts, but I'm compelled. I look directly at it; I can see my future. It's gone.

The atmosphere begins to shred, and the decibels grow louder. These powerful vibrations rattle my bones. The sky rips and roars louder then those damn 7 blue angels, combined! I take my eyes off the aerial discord, and I gaze to the people I've forgotten. Everyone's running, screaming, frantic, but me, I'm still--a mountain. My ear drums have gone numb. I never hear a thing. The sky is too loud. Yet, I begin to run. I know better; seems only natural to search for something before the world comes to its end.

My legs tremble with every stride. I see a house. It's up in flames, and when I ignorantly kick the door, a back draft sends me quick against the ground. I crawl up again, and weave through the smoke. I see someone. The one I love. The one I long for. She's untouchable. I want to. I need to. I've got this feeling. I tread closer, as the clouds of smoke cut sharply into my throat and cinch my lashes. I'm ashed with pain and pierced eyes. I blink a desperate bat to soothe the pain, only for a second, and now she's gone! I'm ravaging throughout the house, but still, I find nothing. No one. The house cracks, snaps, the fires pop, and it's all coming down at once. Soon I'd flee from the burning haven, and notice something else, something new. Black and white flickers allure me to sit and play. So I do.

The house crumbles around me. The boisterous keys roar greater than rolling rocks. The running has stopped. No one screams any longer, as there is no one left to long for. The fly-by has wiped away the Earth. It's just me and the dust. A spec on this freshly burnt canvas. I am the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes of the Earth. I'll move mountains with each breath, and exhaust with all its worth.