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How Do We Make a Global Impact and Heal Virtually?

The need for a global impact and change on a large scale is pertinent. Individuals want to help from afar but it seems like we never quite know how our dollar is spent. DonorSee is changing the way we interact with monetary donations to projects in need by creating “unparalleled transparency” [1]

Founder Gret Glyer spent 3 years living abroad in Malawi, Africa. During that time, he learned the unfortunate impact charity had on individuals who needed help.

“After founding and running his own charity in 2013, he decided to flip the charity model on its head by creating DonorSee. DonorSee was launched just a week after Glyer finished building a 100% sustainable all-girls school in a rural Malawian village. He now runs DonorSee with the help of a talented technical staff and an incredible marketing team.”

DonorSee is a new kind of fund raising platform that tracks the global impact of your donation. These days, we want to know, see and feel the direct impact of our donation. It is simply not enough to donate and assume the monetary means directly benefit the beneficiaries. DonorSee provides raw videos to its donors shortly after a donation is made, making it the most transparent donation platform.

They are also doing more to ensure your donation benefits its donors. According to the founder, “some may think that we made DonorSee with this structure [of forgoing becoming a 501c3 non-profit] because we’re trying to somehow monetarily benefit. The truth is that I, the founder, spent 3 years living in the poorest country on the planet surviving on just $600 a month. And the only reason I came back to America was so I could launch DonorSee and expand my efforts to help the poor globally.”

Their network is growing – and you can heal those in need with your donation.