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Cache Crane: Prose for a Pose Series

An aural sense subdues me.. Chiming in with monotonous beats that hypnotize my thoughts, and lead me far beyond reality. I'm not here. I'm not there. I've got this familiar feeling, it's happened once before, but still I listen. We wait together as the chemical reaction frolics inside of us. It's not a fast one- she enters our bodies and slowly disrupts the scene. All for one taste, all for one touch. We're not here. We're not there. On my back, with velvet hands beneath me Every morsel inside yearns with propagation- budding like a rose. I'm reacting, she ensues me now. Her flavors percolate in my blood, on my tongue, and lead me to love. I am here. I am there. I look to you, you feel it now too. The skies thread and the clouds move closer. We're surrounded- a cumulus impetus. You and I embrace each other, and everyone watches. We are here.

We are there. All eyes on us, and they gaze as we blush. Their glares reach us in fulfillment. They want to feel. I pull in a little tighter, so the intimacy sustains.. though I'm evermore inviting; I want them! To feel with me. To touch with me. To experience the surrealism. To devour our minds and explore. They are here with us. They are there with us. Inside this cavity an imagination reveals itself. Navigate through- make me tremble with heavy breaths. A warm whisper roams the hills of my promiscuous self, although it's innocent and pure. As you press your mind upon me, my body is secure. All it took was this.

A moment of chemical bliss. See us here in solitude.

See them coming.

Smell the tears, and taste the fear.

Touch me so I know you're here.

They will try to change your mind.

Just think of me..My bare golden glory.

Fingertips tell stories, while envious lips make their move.

The warmth of your breath, like a summer's whispering wind, dances across my shoulders.

You sway down my spine and linger further..

Remember this tempting allure.

About the author: Monique M. Luna is a UCLA graduate, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for writing stems from a never-ending curiosity, and means of merging facts with fantasy. In her daily routine she provides ABA services to clients and families with Autism. Whether in-home, or on site, she uses these experiences to grow and evolve as a writer. She hopes that through her work and writing you are challenged to question, reflect, and accept with love, and open minds.