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"Becoming selfish is the most selfless thing I’ve ever done."

There is an overarching notion that selfishness is tied to narcissism, a vanity we cheer on but are ashamed to emanate the same behaviors of. Shame masks jealousy when we see someone truly putting themselves first. What is the spiritual basis behind being selfish, and how does being selfish open up the key to any thing in life, whether that be spiritual growth, self-awareness, and contributing benefit to the global community and leaving a legacy?

When we put ourselves first, we, at some level, are affirming that we are in control of ourselves, and that we are responsible for ourselves. Being responsible for ourselves empowers us, and the practice of self-responsibility spawns confidence in one’s life and life choices. Learning to love ourselves builds the foundation for a happy life, and for a plethora of quality life experiences.

As we get to know who we are, and learn to love who we are, and the amiability of who we think we are (as our changing belief forms are molded by our will, or lack of), we become aware that the quality of all relationships and life experience is based upon how deeply we can love ourselves first. “I attract what I am”. Let that sink in.

Spend time healing your soul, wrapping your arms around your insecurities, and give yourself the ear, the care, the love that you deserve. You deserve as much as you can muster. What would it take to love your ugly? Sometimes we need to see our monsters in the light of truth, exposing them as insecurities that seek more love, so that we may understand and grow compassion. Healing the cracks of our character become the authentic expressions of our personality.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Let your newfound self-care become the gold that brings together your broken pieces, and undergo a transformation that brings about the beautiful you that you’ve never seen before. Become a whole being, and integrate all your pieces into one cohesive council under the direction of your Will.

Once you willfully offer yourself love and compassion, you’ll have so much of it that it will overflow and spill out onto others. You’ll also start meeting those who love themselves, and synergy grows in a momentous unfolding.

As we take the responsibility to put our needs first, to heal the past wounds within ourselves, we engage in the mystic practice of going inwards for answers, and will discover that we run our own show. By “mystic practice”, I mean a self-enlightening experience that doesn’t require an external method for answers and learning.

Learning that you make all the decisions in your life, including how you feel, how healthy you choose to be, is a power we have become spoiled in avoiding, and in its absence, have already paid too much a price for.

Managing your own vitality, your own energy, your mental state, your physical being, you become born again into yourself, a revitalized soul that is kindled with a fire that transforms the self.

The biggest obstacle you have is yourself. Step out of your own way, and remove the outdated, deflating thought patters, and set yourself free.

Learn to become your own best friend, your own support system, and squash loneliness into the shadows of self-deception and loathing that it came from. Your “alone” time will be enjoyed, valued, and used as a deepening process to discover the magic of the soul.

Keep going deep within yourself and gain a greater understanding so that you can truly know yourself. This will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Taking time to love yourself provides a momentum to remove everything that no longer serves you and to bring better things and people into your life.

Decision-making becomes easier, and it is because you will know exactly who you are and what you want out of life.

Through knowing and loving the Self, your choices reflect your new state of being, and they will fall into perfect alignment with your ultimate goals and desires.

In this attainment of self-actualization, we see that self love and self care are selfless in nature. You aren’t becoming a better person in order to obtain anything from others. You are changing yourself to have a better relationship with yourself and everyone else. Once you see and appreciate yourself for who you truly are, then you become able to do that for others.


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