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Mermaid Dreamtime

Into its depth, the sea engulfed her

Dolphins beckoned her to enter

Into whirlpools full of pearls

She resisted, gently falling into one

Mesmerised by the dolphin’s graceful dance

Their sweet music and rhythmic melodies

Intoxicating to all her senses

She let go as she was spun around

Like a rag doll, loosening the grip of control

Dislodging fears and outdated thoughts

She floated into the cave

Where an emerald mermaid sat on a crystal bed

Her gaze bore straight into her soul

Exposing what was hidden there

She wanted to run away

Embarrassed the mermaid knew too much

Her thoughts and feelings no longer her own

The mermaid smiled and asked her to come closer

In her hand rested seven heart shaped pearls

Each a different size and colour

“All these hearts belong to you

Each one has a story too,

Do not fear what lies in here

For wisdom they will share with you”

She took each heart

Journeyed into its wisdom

Rusty keys inside unfamiliar locks

Opened doors resistant to change

She became the heart shaped pearls

Swam with their wisdom

Exposing her heart so broken

Reunited with her ancestors

She bathed in their essence

A connection etched in her soul

She saw the paths their feet had travelled

The seeds planted by their labour

The earth she trod held their energy and their memories

The stone people, keepers of what went before

Entrusted with their earth songs and stories

She found their tears of joy and anguish

In each and every drop of ocean

The tall ones’ roots, a living map of highways

Holding records of their personal histories

The sea invited her to step through each door

Into her own pain and sadness

Exposing shadows amongst long forgotten crevices

In a journey which lasted a thousand years

She faced her own torment

And found that love had always rested there

She had only to surrender to the dreamtime

Where mermaids opened portals

To inner worlds and landscapes

Allowing whisperings of the soul

To awaken every cell

To the remembrance of knowing