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These Old Bones

These old bones have toiled the land

Felt tumbles’ after-shocks

Fractures and breaks

The same old bones that cradled babies

Let them go all grown

They’ve supported lightness of spirit

Took the heaviness of burdens

They’ve felt the changing seasons

The warmth of the sun

The winds biting chill

Now winter’s stuck inside these old bones

They’re weary

Rattling in complaint

Alas the end is near

Still there’s a few dances left in these bones

Hugs and giggles to rattle them awake

These old bones have done me proud

In time, they’ll come to rest under the earth

Full of stories

Rosi Pineiro is a healer, children’s author and poet. Her poetry regularly appears in publications of Off the Cuff E-zine and various online publications. She is currently working on book two in the series of The Adventures of an Elf Detective and her second poetry book. More of her musings and poems can be found on her Facebook page Word Weavers Circle.