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Key Observations of Miracles

Miracles by our God and savior are numerous and have been throughout mankind’s history. It is to show God is with us, he answers our prayers, that he can alter our lives when need be, and can do anything at his pleasure that pleases him. He is an almighty God who has the power over life and death, can command angels and demons, and is present everywhere all the time for us. We are his children and he only wishes the best for you.

There are a couple of key observations we want to make about the type of sickness used to make us a better Christ-like minister to others, read II Cor. 1:5-6, “For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ. And whether we be afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation.” (When we experience a sickness, we are able to empathize and minister to others in a very personal way.)

Observation #1—Other people should hold their tongues in assuming the sickness is because of some sin in a person’s life. In the book of Job, three of his “friends” kept telling Job they knew there was some hidden sin in his life and that was the reason for his sickness. God held those guys accountable and would not even accept their worship until they made things right with Job (Job 42:7-9).

In our list of reasons for sickness here there are ten possibilities. So the chances of the sickness being due to a sin issue are one in ten. Unless you are in a truly good position to say for sure which of the ten it is, it is best to keep one’s mouth and opinions to oneself.

Observation #2—The anointing with oil by the Elders in James 5 is in the context of confessing sin (James 5:14, 15, 16). If a judgment has been given by God for a sin issue and the recipient of the judgment senses this, that one may call the Elders of a church to anoint with oil and confess the sin and God will lift the judgment.

Most of the time, people, who are anointed with oil, aren’t sick due to a sin/judgment issue and they totally neglect this context. It is not the Elders who contact the sick person, it is the sick person under judgment who contacts the Elders and apparently this person has some specific sin notion as to what this is all about. When the Elders arrive and the sin is confessed and the Elders anoint with oil, healing will be the result.

What are the Grace Age miracles we are able to see today?

God does not want His people groping in the dark to try and discover some miracle. He wants them seen and known in every dispensation. We may recall that there are two ways God may perform a miracle directly or indirectly. If He performs a miracle by Himself, it is a direct miracle.

If He uses an individual to perform the miracle, it is an indirect miracle. In this Grace Age, God does not work indirectly through a human to perform some sign and wonder miracle; however, He does do some miraculous things directly and He permits His people to see it and share it. If one of the purposes of a miracle is to glorify God, the God glorifying believer must know exactly what to look for in seeing the miraculous at this present time in the Church Age, because when the believer sees it, he or she may give glory to God.

Church Age Direct Miracle #1—The miracle of soul salvation.

When a sinner believes on Jesus Christ as Savior, the actual logistics of this are so stupendous and miraculous that there is so much “joy in heaven” (Luke 15:7) that the angels rejoice (Luke 15:10). Angels view this moment as a miracle of God.

If we remember the necessary ingredients for a miracle, we may see just how amazing it is to see a sinner come to faith in Jesus Christ. We may recall the five ingredients are:

1) A being with enough power to perform the miracle.

2) An object on which the miracle may be performed.

3) Normal, natural laws of the ways that object works.

4) Reliable eyewitnesses to verify the miracle.

5) Specific purpose of the miracle.

When it comes to salvation, only God is capable of performing this miracle. A person is born dead in sin and is blinded by Satan. The human being apart from God is called the natural man. A natural man does what is natural for a sinful man to do. When it comes to God, not one natural man in and of himself will ever seek God (Romans 3:11).

The natural man has no capacity whatsoever to accept or understand things that truly relate to God (I Corinthians 2:14). In order for a natural man or woman to come to faith in Jesus Christ, God must perform a miracle. He must supernaturally overrule the normal and natural and bring that sinner to faith in His Son. There are multiple thousands who have had this miracle wrought in them.

Every single believer in Jesus Christ is a miracle.

The reason God performs this miracle is so that these people may demonstrate His glory all over the world. In this Grace Age, God in His grace is miraculously saving sinners. We could call this the miracle of saving grace. Don’t overlook your own life or the life of someone else God has saved. As Ada Habershon said, “God’s people are His miracles, His signs, and wonders to the world around” (The Study of Miracles, p. 248).

Church Age Direct Miracle #2—The miracle of life transformation.

In I Corinthians 6:2, the apostle Paul appeals to believers in the Church to make righteous decisions in view of the fact that the “saints will judge the world.” The actual period of time in which this will happen is the Millennium, in which believers share in the righteous reign of Jesus Christ. During the millennium, Jesus will change the nature of all kinds of things such as the animal world. For example lions, wolves, lambs and serpents will all get along as one big happy family.

Israel, which is a barren desert type of place now, will blossom as a fruit producing rose. Humans will live long lives, in fact if one were to die at 100 he would be considered a youth (Isaiah 65:20). Paul’s point in I Corinthians is that present day Church Age believers should reflect a transformed millennial character in their present decisions, knowing they will judge the world. Just as the world in the Millennium will stand amazed at the transformed world, so now the world in the Church Age should stand amazed at the transformed life.

As we are transformed by the renewing of our minds on the Word of God, we become a living example of a transformational miracle for the world to see (Romans 12:2). When we see someone believes on Jesus Christ, that is a miracle. When we see someone transformed to become more Christ-like, that is another miracle.

Church Age Direct Miracle #3—The miracle of written revelation.

When you pick up a Bible in the Church Age, you are actually holding in your hands a miracle. Ada Habershon said – “The Bible is an ever-present everlasting miracle …” (The Study of Miracles, p. 227). There have been many books written in history, but only one is God’s inspired word (II Timothy 3:16). The Church Age of Grace is the only dispensation that has had the privilege of having the entire written Word of God in existence.