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Free Spirit

The birds flew away

Huddling together in trees

When the wind blew

From the west

Shaking loose the clouds

Drops fell slowly


The faster she ran

She left her open umbrella

Floating above a forming puddle

A trail of clothing lined the path

Busy-bodies discreetly peering

Through curtained windows

Blushed at the loss of dignity

Affirming she had lost her marbles

Inwardly she smiled

The thaw from inner oppression

Had begun

The stifled soul

With clipped wings

Realised one day

It could fly

She looked down at her feathers

Observing the birds in the tree

From a distance away

Refusing to hide

No longer part of the flock

When once her feathers had mirrored their hue

They were now dissimilar to the birds

She had spent so much time with

Feathers floated into her dreams

Painted by God’s hand

It took her

Such a long time

To claim her feathers

Finally she did!

She left old friendships behind in those trees

Cried rivers for the loss

Walked proud in the direction of the raging wind

God stripped away her armor

She stood

Naked before him

With the most magnificent wings