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The Art of White Space

A blank white canvas hangs alongside the

Picassos, Monets, Chagalls, and Warhols.

Intentionally unfilled,

a blank white canvas hangs as a radical statement of brazen independence against the system, they say.

A blank white canvas hangs in

charmingly silent defiance as gawkers snap

photo after photo of its pristine plainness, all the while completely ignoring the Picassos, Monets, Chagalls, and Warhols juxtapositioned mere feet away. Crowds taking pictures of pictures. Art imitates life, they say.

Indeed, how the art of white space is so wonderfully untainted, immaculate, peaceful. Perhaps my own life demands just a little less white noise and a little more

white space.

How nice it would be to quiet all incoming thoughts of i-gotta-gotta-gotta, pull a Henry David Thoreau,

and just live off-grid for just a day, or maybe just for