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Meditative Writing: An Exercise For Mindful Living

When I was in college, I participated in a fifteen minute meditation and five minute writing exercise. We were given a prompt for each; the meditation we had to think about compassion for others and the writing we wrote about our relationships with silence. The session was refreshing, soothing and gave me some things to think over.

So, I would like to share a meditative writing exercise with all of you. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One notebook or laptop (phone is also optional)

  • A pen/pencil if you’re using a notebook

  • A quiet room in your home; also consider going to a favorite spot at a library, café or the park


  • Headphones (this can block out noise)

  • Music (I recommend instrumental music)

  • A friend (sometimes it’s fun to do an exercise with a friend)

  • A small group (mine was done with a group of people, you might learn some new insights from others)

For fifteen minutes, take long, deep breaths and close your eyes. During this exercise, think about a time you were rejected whether it was by a friend, partner or job. As you think about the memory, let it play out. Eventually, consider silencing the negative thoughts with positive mantras:

  • “I am okay”

  • “I will move forward from this”

  • “I am loved and I am not alone in this struggle”

  • “Everything is going to work out”

  • A positive mantra of your choice

As the meditation ends, gently open your eyes. Feel free to write down your thoughts, or, if with a group share them out loud.

Now, for five minutes, get your notebook, computer or phone. Find a piece of music if you like. For this part, write about a time where you felt joy. Whether it’d be with friends, at a party, a kind word from a stranger, remembering the happy times can help us see how much we’re loved and that kindness still exists in the world. With joy comes peace.

When you’re done writing, take a deep breath. Share your discoveries or thoughts with others if you like.

What have you learned? How do you feel after these exercises? Would you like to do it again?