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"Here I Lie"

In history, it is written; fake news and macrame lies, in muddy ditches I am pushed

it is here where I lie. Are you angered in my defeat? It is not I, who will carry you, there is no more fire

burning in me. So as night consumes day, and rivers ebb banks away, as death the final act of life, here I lie. Did you dream of my achievement; upon your feet in applause smile turned up lips,

hand and eyes red in joy? Are you taken aback with my failure?

You told me I could do no more.

In muddy ditches I am pushed,

it is here where I lie.

You shot me with your words. You cut me with your eyes. You killed me with your hatefulness!

There is no more fire

burning in me.

Did my womaness cause you hate? There is nothing here to fear, 'bloody bitch' my reference,

so that is what I became.

Out of women's history shame.

I lie. From a painful past, I lie. I'm a engine oil stain

collecting in long pools

overheated nightly runoff. I lie. Into the muck, I lie.