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FEATURE: Seed & Spark: Be Extraordinary

Today, we are featuring a project that sprouted from one of our writers, Natalie. She is creating a film dedicated to mental health and healing. We are excited to see her journey in making and producing this film:

The feature film is "The Extraordinary Ordinary," a story about three young adults, their mental health, and road to healing through music, writing, and photography. I wrote it and will be directing as well.

The campaign officially closes on November 3rd, 2017 so there is time:

In addition to partnering with Seed & Spark, we are also working under a second nonprofit group, From the Heart Productions, who are partners with Seed & Spark. Both groups help filmmakers raise funds for their work.

We are looking to raise around $73,000 that will go towards production of the film as well as legal paperwork for our SAG-AFTRA talent/actors. This is going to be an ultra-low budget, SAG-AFTRA film. My co-producer and I are waving our own payment, therefore, we are working for 'free.'

Our goal is to get 30% by (preferably) Monday night so From the Heart Productions is able to help us raise the other 70% through their connections. It is a guarantee.

Any donation helps, including a contribution of $5, or giving the Seed & Spark campaign page a follow by signing up for a free account or syncing your Facebook login.

The links to our social media accounts and website are: