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Discovering Inspiration

Just like anyone else, I struggle to find inspiration in my life. I tend to see myself as a pretty creative person, especially when it comes to expressing myself through clothing and writing. One of the best things about being on social media is being able to see other people and how they get inspired. I honestly believe that if you have the confidence and the right mind set; you can truly being inspired by others without having any ounce of envy. There are days where I could be on Instagram and be slightly jealous of someone's look or success, but then I put myself in a different mind set and decided to be inspired by these people I follow rather than putting myself down and being envious. I'm grateful to being in a generation where social media is the number one thing used for expressing yourself and sometimes it can also be frustrating and unhealthy. I've noticed myself taking myself back when it comes to posting daily because I need to space to really think about how I'm putting myself out there for others to see and possibly judge. The judgement doesn't bother me because I don't care about what others think, but I want to look back years from and be happy about what I posted when I was 21.

On a positive note, I realized that majority of my inspiration comes from bloggers, whether it's a fashion blogger, travel blogger, and my personal favorite, the mom bloggers. Each of these kind of bloggers have inspired me everyday and they also inspire me to want what they have in a positive way. As someone whose always love style and fashion, I love being able to follow tons of fashion bloggers because that's mainly how I keep up with trends. I enjoy expressing myself through clothing because it's something that really keeps me content. Whenever I put on something that makes me feel confident I instantly feel like I'm ready for the day. One of the big things I desire in life is to travel around the world and by doing so I love learning about some tips when it comes to backpacking across the country. I love seeing beautiful pictures of mountains in Montana, oceans in California, and piles of snow in the Northeast. Being able to have access to photographers sharing their life from different countries is such an interesting aspect to my social media accounts because it's hard to find photographers who are willing to put their work out there. Something that I never really share or touch on is the thought of having children. I never really wanted to have kids, but as I get older it's something that I really desire to have in the future. Yes, having children is such a huge sacrifice and that's why I feel as though it's something that I want to accomplish later in life when I'm not so worried about myself and my goals. Being able to learn from other mom bloggers is such an inspiration

because most of them are really genuine and honest when it comes to sharing how they parent and raise their kids. I love to learn about how being a parent can affect a mother's lifestyle because it's something that I really think about when I think about my future.

Recently, I've been noticing that most of my inspiration comes from social media. I think that's okay because it's really important to acknowledge the society we live in today. I find myself to be easily inspired no matter where I am. Living in New York has given me great opportunities to find inspiration in streets, bookstores, and coffee shops. I understand how hard it can be when it comes to finding inspiration, but it's really everywhere you l0ok.