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Remember to Breathe

I need you to do something small,

so you can get back to standing tall.

Are you ready to breathe?

There is something you need to see.

Inhale deeply to the count of four,

exhale just the same before you do more.

Time goes too fast in this life,

with many trying to avoid strife.

Again, repeat the technique,

remembering that you are very unique.

Don’t overthink your thoughts,

because there are answers that need to be sought.

One last time, remembering that you don’t have to rush,

the tasks of the day can wait for the inevitable crush.

Today you took a step back,

breaking away from the stressful pack.

Remember this always as you breathe deep,

and upon entering a good night’s sleep.

You are good enough and strong,

and will find the place where you belong.