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Writing Prompt: How Does Love Bring You Joy?

For this prompt, take time to write a poem, short story, a scene for a play or anything else you like about love. But, there is a catch. You have to talk about how love brings joy whether it’d be healing a broken heart, finding out someone reciprocates your feelings, loving a favorite pet, or choosing to love and be forgiving rather than holding on to hate and pain.

Here are some useful tools besides the typical computer/notebook to give you some ideas:

  • Search YouTube for playlists dedicated to love songs

  • Blast a favorite romantic song on repeat

  • Think about a favorite scene from a movie or book showing joy and love

  • Have a photo of someone you love and makes you happy beside you as you write

  • Think about what love means to you

Write to your heart’s content if you feel inspired to do more than one piece! Remember, the key to this prompt is looking for the joy. By finding joy in love, we can heal scars and remember how powerful and good love still is in this world.