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Secure My Spot

I never wait to secure my spot. My spot has been waiting for me and I have never had to tell it to go anywhere. It waits for me as I make decisions. It often looks back at me, wondering what the standstill is for.

When the standstill is high and mighty and looking me right in the eye, I look back at it and tell it I need something new in my life. My spot is still there waiting for me.

This time, my spot has a grin on its face because it is wondering how long it will take me to make a decision. I told it to give me time. I needed just 10 more days to secure my spot.

Today, I claimed my spot.

It is rightfully mine and I couldn't wait to let it know after 10 days of waiting, I was healed. When you wait, you learn. When you wait, your emotions become secure your spot.