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Sex Manifestation and Inspirations From The Womb

From the Universe, the stars and planets were birth amidst the darkness. A cosmic exchange of energy, a divine union of the inner essence of nothingness manifested as tangible, physical matter. From the sexual exchange of chemicals, the moon and sun & stars were created giving us light amidst the darkness. And the creator, god(dess), the universe saw this as an outer reflection of itself. The Solar system was created through a connection of both opposed forces and complementary reactions.

Transitioning to the planet terra mater, gaia, earth every living creation was brought here by masculine-feminine dominant organisms releasing and receiving the ANKH, the eternal symbol of life. Through sexual interaction hopes and dreams become reality. From the great womb of the soil and back each breathing creature is the offspring.

One evening I was inspired by the sacred union of tantra and how joyous it is. To feel oneself being engulfed into the body of another (or my own) and reaching to a euphoric state that isn’t only orgasmic but revelationous. Welcomed in an environment that does away with being self conscious and embracing the physical anatomy as is; no hindrance. Tantra is about celebrating the body connecting it to the spirit and igniting the soul’s fire with no shame.

When tantra is used with altruistic intentions it can help aligned and awaken the chakras, the great kundalini dragon/serpent of the spine in the body. Tantra resonates on the numerology of 3, which represents the first completed cycle. The Virgin, Mother, Crone. The Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Tantra highlights the bond of the anima and animus relation which collaborates in creating a balance energy; a foundation to propel the mind, body and soul into a transcendental state, an active meditation - sex manifestation. A result of a baby, a stronger connection with the higher self beyond 3D realms.

During kundalini awakening tingling of the spine, insomnia, hallucinations are common; the initiate can believe they are going mad! Which is why tantra is misunderstood and should be practiced with caution. As a people, throughout generations there have been warnings of becoming attached to partners through sexual chords. Through awareness, Tantra can be guided for a detached encounter is possible and so is the clearing of attached energetic forces that could have possibly formed. May love making be fulfilling, joyful and manifesting not manipulative or emotionally distorting.