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True To You

Rainy days help me think about what matters to me,

away from the crowds of people who judge, criticize, and look for recurring themes.

Out my window I see possibility and hope,

beyond the pain that makes life harder to cope.

Every day, I wonder about my heart and soul,

how people say money, love, and perfection will make you whole.

I turn everything off then: the phone, computer, tablet, television and all.

Because I should not have to worry about those who make me feel small.

I am me, myself and I; scars on my heart and mind.

We see the physical ones, but never those deep down inside.

Today, be true to you and what you love,

so one day you can fly away like a graceful dove

The real you matters to the right people in life,

and will be there throughout your painful strife.

I am me and you are you.

Just remember to always be true.