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INTRODUCING: Healing Writers Retreats + Other Updates

Hello Healers!

Thank you all for being patient in my absence. A lot of changes have happened since we last spoke. In early April, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I also moved to the Seattle area and now I have the joy of living in a beautiful part of the PNW.

The first few months of motherhood were a complete whirlwind. I felt myself feeling incredibly moved by the journey of motherhood. In doing so, I began reflecting on Heal(er) and the small steps (and leaps) the publication itself has undergone. The purpose of this publication is to spread the message of healing through the medium of writing. Over the past year, I've met some wonderful writers with powerful stories. It has changed my perspective on the one tool I thought I knew best: writing.

It is my pleasure to announce Heal(er) will be hosting writing workshops! We are still in the planning process, but a few items are in place:

Each workshop will feature course materials on writing as a healing medium with informative prompts you can take home and use in the future, a welcome box full of writing goodies, overnight accommodations, storytelling adventures, friendships with other writers and...much more!

As we continue to develop the workshops, learn from others and plan a rejuvenating stay filled with stories of healing, I encourage you to check back to our website in the coming month.

With Love,